2016 Cape Town International Scrabble Tournament

February 3–7, 2016

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Commentary: Round 40

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At Board 2: Dave Wiegand (USA) vs. David Eldar (AUS). At 2.5 games back with 3 rounds left, this is Wiegand's last shot at the US$4,000 second-place prize. After five turns each, Eldar has bingoed twice with FISNOmIE (90) and AEROdART (74) to get to 228 points, while Wiegand has eked 141 points out of a series of unpromising racks. They trade two bingoes each: Eldar OUTRIVAL (72) and OPIATES (89) to Wiegand's CENTALS (89) and ABORTING (86). After his last bingo, Wiegand draws the Q leaving seven in the bag with only one I left unseen (and none on his rack); he trades five to draw PREEDIT, which would have caught him up had Eldar not played BAJANS (69) in the meantime. Instead, he's down 524-480, manages to draw the Q back out of the bag, and gets stuck with it.

See online game.

Round 40 Auto-Commentary

Nigel Richards (NZL) remains in the lead for the 34th consecutive round, 36-4 +4036, on a 11-game winning streak. David Eldar (AUS) is 6.5 games behind at 29.5-10.5 +1590, on a 3-game winning streak, steady at #2 for 3 rounds. Komol Panyasophonlert (THA) is 8 games behind the leader at 28-12 +1992, on a 4-game winning streak, unchanged at #3.

In Class B: Gerald Davids (ZAF) is the lead, 20-20 +168, on a 3-game losing streak. Andrew Goldberg (ZAF) is 0.5 games behind at 19.5-20.5 +199, remaining steady at #29. Duncan Keet (ZAF) is 1.5 games behind the leader at 18.5-21.5 -70, #31 slipping from #30.

High Win: Dylan Early (ZAF) 725-331 vs. Nsikan Solomon Etim (NGA). Low Win: Elie Dangoor (Eng) 362-319 vs. Susan Ensor (AUS). High Loss: Dave Wiegand (USA) 488-601 vs. David Eldar (AUS). Low Loss: Ata Sonday (ZAF) 269-410 vs. Pam Field (ZAF).

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