2016 Cape Town International Scrabble Tournament

February 3–7, 2016

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Commentary: Round 35

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Round 35 Auto-Commentary

Nigel Richards (NZL) remains in the lead for the 29th consecutive round, 31-4 +3519, on a 6-game winning streak. David Eldar (AUS) is 5.5 games behind at 25.5-9.5 +1212, #2 rising from #3. Dave Wiegand (USA) is 6 games behind the leader at 25-10 +2714, on a 3-game losing streak, #3 dropping from #2.

In Class B: Gerald Davids (ZAF) is the lead, 18-17 +363. Andrew Goldberg (ZAF) is 0.5 games behind at 17.5-17.5 +109, on a 4-game winning streak, unchanged at #30. Duncan Keet (ZAF) is 1.5 games behind the leader at 16.5-18.5 +182, #31 rising from #33.

High Win: Piotr Andronowski (Sco) 612-289 vs. Denise Le Bron (ZAF). Low Win: Joy Palm (ZAF) 387-336 vs. Jackie Nortier (ZAF). High Loss: Fern Wheelwright (ZAF) 453-458 vs. Mpakaboari Jack (NGA). Low Loss: Ralph Owusu (GHA) 231-527 vs. Wellington Jighere (NGA).

Llewellin Jegels (ZAF), currently in first among the home team, makes it to Board 1 for the first time to play Nigel Richards. Things start off well: with no bingoes on his opening rack of ?FINNRT, he plays off FIN to draw DiCENTR-A. Nigel however begins with AGIITUW, and recognizing its bingo potential, takes only two turns - TAUIWI (20) drawing QERNHI to the G, then dumping just the Q to draw an H for HEADRING (80) through the D in DICENTRA. Llewellin opens up a small lead on the strength of the Z and the X; Nigel bingoes UNEASES (82) to catch up. Then the wheels come off Llewellin's game, and he's left fishing for a bingo that never shows up, losing 357-426.

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