2014 European Open Scrabble Championship: May 22–25, Malta

May 22–25, 2014

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Commentary: Round 28

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Round 28 Auto-Commentary

Howard Warner (NZL) claims the lead, 25-3 +3633, on a 5-game winning streak. Theresa Brousson (MLT) is 1 game behind at 24-4 +3495, #2 down from #1. Helen Gipson (Sco) is 2 games behind the leader at 23-5 +2325, steady at #3.

High Win: Howard Warner (NZL) 551-315 vs. Theresa Brousson (MLT). Low Win: Pawlu Frendo (MLT) 337-293 vs. Mary Morgan (IRL). High Loss: Helen Gipson (Sco) 436-438 vs. Chris Lipe (USA). Low Loss: Ebikeme Adowei (NGA) 272-387 vs. Mary Doyle (IRL).

In the lead in the last game of the last morning, Theresa Brousson (MLT) 24-3 +3731 ahead of Howard Warner (NZL); they face each other at Board 1 this round, streamed data and video. Game highlights:

  • Warner opens with h2 BEWHOrE, following it up with 9h SENECIO after Brousson exchanges IUW keeping TIME, for an early 162-0 lead.
  • On her third turn, Brousson plays TELOMERE to trail 184-112, but Warner replies TELEGONY (74).
  • Brousson then has unplayable BIVOUAC on her rack, plays it from a B on the board and draws six consonants.
  • On turn 6, Brousson misses a big chance to get back in the game with a nonbingo double double through UM holding DILNPRS.
  • On turn 8, Warner plays his fourth bingo, iNFRINGE (76) for a 410-197 lead. The game did not get better for Brousson.


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