2014 European Open Scrabble Championship: May 22–25, Malta

May 22–25, 2014

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Commentary: Round 24

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Round 24 Auto-Commentary

Theresa Brousson (MLT) remains in the lead, 22-2 +3458, on an 18-game winning streak. Howard Warner (NZL) is 1 game behind at 21-3 +3064, #2 up from #3. Helen Gipson (Sco) is +2161, #3 falling from #2. Simon Gillam (Sco) is 4 games behind the leader at 18-6 +1638, #4 rising from #5.

High Win: Kate Sweetlove (Eng) 608-316 vs. Pauline Cilia (MLT). Low Win: Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) 357-318 vs. Graham Bonham (Eng). High Loss: Mihai Pantis (ROM) 424-468 vs. John Barker (AUS). Low Loss: Chris Lipe (USA) 302-365 vs. Nuala O'Rourke (NIr).

Streamed live this round: Howard Warner (NZL) vs. Helen Gipson (Sco). One big missed bingo apiece, but an exciting game to watch.

I spent much of this last round of the day recording racks, and adding code to TSH to send Twitter direct messages to players telling them their pairings (though in retrospect, this is likely to run afoul of API usage limits for large tournaments), so I wasn't able to follow as much of what was going on in the room as I wanted.

I heard that Kate Sweetlove (Eng) was delighted with 608-316 game over Pauline Cilia (MLT), a photograph of which is posted. She had a 638-128 game against Okey Okoro (NGA) on the first day, but somehow seemed happier about this one.

We start tomorrow with the last three rounds of the initial round robin, then have five rounds of Chew pairings. At the end of today, we have the top five seeds in the top five places, and none of them are scheduled to have an easy ride in the morning.

I plan on streaming each of the board 1 games tomorrow; beginning at 9:00 A.M. MET (3:00 A.M. EDT).

Good night!

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