2015 Malta International Scrabble Open: Main Event

May 2–4, 2015

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Commentary: Round 20

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Division A Round 20 Auto-Commentary

David Webb (Eng) remains in the lead for the 3rd consecutive round, 18-2 +1900, on a 11-game winning streak. Austin Shin (Eng) is 2 games behind at 16-4 +1737, unchanged at #2 for 3 rounds. Theresa Brousson (MLT) is 3 games behind the leader at 15-5 +1117, hovering at #3 for 12 rounds.

In Class B: Charles Micallef (MLT) is the lead, 13-7 +781. Mario Saliba (MLT) is 2 games behind at 11-9 -255, #8 climbing from #10. Naomi Landau (ISR) is 3 games behind the leader at 10-10 +50, #10 down from #8. Phil Kelly (Eng) is -74, #11 sliding from #9. Jayne Mackenzie (NIr) is -199, #12 rising from #14.

High Win: Vincent Boyle (Sco) 588-371 vs. Bob Violett (Eng). Low Win: Austin Shin (Eng) 394-322 vs. Theresa Brousson (MLT). High Loss: Kay McColgan (IRL) 390-401 vs. Jayne Mackenzie (NIr). Low Loss: Ray Tate (Sco) 259-503 vs. Charles Micallef (MLT).

My morning so far:

07:30 Alarm sounds on my phone, sound pleasantly muffled under my bed.
08:40 Second alarm sounds on my phone, startling me awake with the horrified realization that I'd had a good eight hours' sleep, vaguely remembering checking a text message in the middle of the night and then hearing my phone fall under the bed.
08:50 Leave my hotel room, shaved, dressed and packed for the day.
08:55 Arrive at the playing room for a 09:00 start of play, see less confusion than I expected.
08:57 See that the event's computer equipment is still in secure storage, begin reading the first round's pairings aloud over the P.A. system. 09:02 Finish reading the pairings, review them individually with the hard of hearing and latecomers. 09:03 Get NASPA Zyzzyva word adjudication laptops out of storage and set up. 09:10 Check to make sure that latecomers have arrived, and all tables have score slips. 09:20 Get scoreboard gear set up. 09:25 Get takeout breakfast from hotel restaurant. 09:30 Start entering first-round results for the day.

Director's call: Player A started Player B's clock instead of neutralizing it at the end of the game. Player B's clock reads -1:07 when they notice. They do not know how long the clock had been running, and have agreed to abide by whatever I decide. In this case, the ruling was easy, as they were using a FlipTimer, which has a clear indication of elapsed time on the most recent turn. It was showing 30 seconds, indicating that Player B's clock should have stopped at -0:37, resulting in a 10-point penalty.

Ray Tate (Sco) claims that his rack developed multiple personality disorder (or possibly that he was just experiencing double vision), with several consecutive racks of doubled tiles: AABIITT, EEIRRSS, ...

Reno Zammit (MLT) is unavailable to play today; substituting for him is Albert Zammit (MLT). Albert enters the event with an 0-19 -1425 record, and quickly climbs to second-last place with a win.

Division B Round 20 Auto-Commentary

Moira Fenech (MLT) stays in the lead for the 7th consecutive round, 16-4 +1016. Mario Seychell (MLT) is 2 games behind at 14-6 +1437, on a 6-game winning streak, #2 climbing from #3. Anna Borg (MLT) is +996, #3 dropping from #2. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) is 3 games behind the leader at 13-7 +576, on a 3-game winning streak, #4 climbing from #5. Gila Blits (ISR) is +58, #5 slipping from #4.

In Class B: Marlene Calleja (MLT) is the lead, 11-9 +717. Pauline Cilia (MLT) is +167, #10 climbing from #14. Mary Morgan (IRL) is +63, #11 down from #7. Linda Marguy (ISR) is -405, #12 sliding from #10. Joe Caruana (MLT) is 1 game behind at 10-10 +909, #15 climbing from #17. Philip Turner (Eng) is +174, #19 tumbling from #13. Peter Carr (Eng) is 1.5 games behind the leader at 9.5-10.5 -429, #21 jumping down from #16.

High Win: Anne Creaven (IRL) 545-157 vs. Okey Okoro (NGA). Low Win: Josephine Mayo (MLT) 343-314 vs. Mary Morgan (IRL). High Loss: George Newman (Eng) 433-447 vs. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL). Low Loss: Okey Okoro (NGA) 157-545 vs. Anne Creaven (IRL).

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