2015 Malta International Scrabble Open: Main Event

May 2–4, 2015

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Commentary: Round 1

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Division A Round 1 Auto-Commentary

Austin Shin (Eng) claims the lead, 1-0 +207. Ray Tate (Sco) is +104. Theresa Brousson (MLT) is +92. Simon Gillam (Sco) is +56. John Hamilton (AUS) is +51. John Barker (AUS) is +49. Vincent Boyle (Sco) is +35. Naomi Landau (ISR) is +33. Bob Violett (Eng) is +32. Charles Micallef (MLT) is +24.

In Class B: John Hamilton (AUS) is the lead, 1-0 +51. John Barker (AUS) is +49. Naomi Landau (ISR) is +33. Charles Micallef (MLT) is +24. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT) is 1 game behind at 0-1 -24.

High Win: Austin Shin (Eng) 534-327 vs. Mario Saliba (MLT). Low Win: Charles Micallef (MLT) 398-374 vs. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT). High Loss: Jayne Mackenzie (NIr) 481-514 vs. Naomi Landau (ISR). Low Loss: Mario Saliba (MLT) 327-534 vs. Austin Shin (Eng).

Division B Round 1 Auto-Commentary

Paul Mifsud (MLT) claims the lead, 1-0 +105. Gila Blits (ISR) is +98. Mario Seychell (MLT) is +88. Pam Morris (AUT) is +82. Linda Marguy (ISR) is +76. Sammy Mangion (MLT) is +75. Mary Morgan (IRL) is +67. Pauline Cilia (MLT) is +66. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) is +58. Nancy Alroy (ISR) is +55.

In Class B: Linda Marguy (ISR) is the lead, 1-0 +76. Mary Morgan (IRL) is +67. Pauline Cilia (MLT) is +66. Bryan Priest (Eng) is +47. Philip Turner (Eng) is +15. Marlene Calleja (MLT) is 1 game behind at 0-1 -7. Reno Zammit (MLT) is -9. Joe Caruana (MLT) is -29.

High Win: Paul Mifsud (MLT) 497-392 vs. Alfred Xuereb (MLT). Low Win: Nancy Alroy (ISR) 370-315 vs. Marion Loewenstein (ISR). High Loss: Joe Caruana (MLT) 445-474 vs. Eileen Meghen (IRL). Low Loss: Marion Loewenstein (ISR) 315-370 vs. Nancy Alroy (ISR).

Okoro was a no-show, and has been removed from the pairings for now. Alternate player Moses Azzopardi (MLT) has graciously agred to stay for the morning in case he is needed.

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