The 2013 Scrabble Champions Tournament (Invitational)

December 4–8, 2013

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SCTI 2013 Commentary: Round 31

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In an underdog story that belongs in a Hollywood movie, Sammy Okosagah (LCQ) has gone from aspiring Last Chance Qualifier to leader at the end of pre-final play, 22-9 +2052. Tomorrow morning at 9:00 local time, he will play a best-of-five semifinal match against fourth place Komol Panyasophonlert (THA), who also clinched his berth with one round to go. Okosagah will go first in odd-numbered semifinal rounds.

The other semifinal game features two giants of the game, defending champion Nigel Richards (Wsc) and past U.S. champion Dave Wiegand (USA). Richards finished 22-9 +1498 to Wiegand's +791, so he will go first in odd-numbered semifinal rounds.

Okosagah-Komol will play on the feature board in Round 1; Richards-Wiegand in Round 2.

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