The 2013 Scrabble Champions Tournament (Last Chance Qualifier)

December 3, 2013

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SCTLC 2013 Commentary: Round 4

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A youth chess tournament is starting noisily in the far end of the room. The youngest child (I'm not sure he's a competitor) can't reach across the board without standing on his chair.

MSI are ready to start streaming from the RFID board; we plan on doing so beginning with the first afternoon round at 14:00.

Players have a brief lunch break after this round, during which they can buy sandwiches from the concession stand, or walk nextdoor to the shopping mall.

8-year-old Lewis Hawkins (NZL) loses a close game, 335-333, to [error: no such id: 013]. Spies admitted afterward that he had had his doubts about several of Hawkins' plays, but that the game had been too close to risk the 5-point penalty for mistakenly challenging a good word. As it turned out, all of Hawkins' plays were acceptable. And yes, Hawkins did quickly recount the game without finding any scoring errors.

16-year-old Ying Ming Poh (SGP) loses an even closer one, 377-376 to Karen Richards (AUS).

That leaves Hawkins in the lead for the youth prize, 1-3 +45, ahead of 17-year-old Muhammad Shabaz (PAK) -13 and Poh -187.

Two adult players remain undefeated: Andrew Golding (CAN) +434 and Ray Tate (Sco) +205. The top 3-1 is Piotr Andronowski (CAN) +426, a Canadian currently living in Scotland.

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