The 2013 Scrabble Champions Tournament (Last Chance Qualifier)

December 3, 2013

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SCTLC 2013 Commentary: Round 2

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Prithwiraj Mukherjee (IND) remains in the lead, with a 106-point win, bringing him to 2-0 +434, ahead of Tony Sim (SGP) +387, Sammy Okosagah (USA) +297, Jesse Matthews (CAN) +254, Weibin Toh (USA) +234 and Andrew Golding (CAN) +209.

After a first-round tie, Evan Simpson (Eng) now has a record of 1½-½ +280, defeating Gboye Balogun (IRL) 592-312.

Tim Adamson (USA) and Rick Fawns (NOR) have the lowest spread among the undefeated players; Fawns was +1 and then +19 for +20; Adamson +6 and then +5 for a mere 2-0 +11.

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