2018 Malta International Scrabble Open: Main Event

April 29 - May 1, 2018

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Commentary: Round 1

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Division B Round 1 Auto-Commentary

Paul Richards (AUS) claims the lead, 1-0 +232. Larrie Strautmanis (AUS) is +145. Margaret Gibson (AUS) is +144. Kunihiko Kuroda (JPN) is +123. Dominic Borg (MLT) is +116. Praveeni Jayasekera (LKA) is +108. Anna Borg (MLT) is +106. Mary Gray (NZL) is +101. Josephine Mayo (MLT) is +86. Maria Scicluna (MLT) is +85.

In Class B: Larrie Strautmanis (AUS) is in the lead, 1-0 +145. Kunihiko Kuroda (JPN) is +123. Mary Gray (NZL) is +101. Maria Scicluna (MLT) is +85. Miriam Erez (ISR) is +72. Jacqui Pearce (AUS) is +51. Fiona Braendler (AUS) is +28. Marvic Cutajar (MLT) is +24. Reno Zammit (MLT) is +9. Anne Goldstein (NZL) is 1 game behind at 0-1 -2.

High Win: Paul Richards (AUS) 473-241 vs. Jacqui Jacobs (Eng). Low Win: Reno Zammit (MLT) 336-327 vs. Mary Doyle (IRL). High Loss: Maureen Morris (CAN) 406-430 vs. George Newman (Eng). Low Loss: Jacqui Jacobs (Eng) 241-473 vs. Paul Richards (AUS).

Division A Round 1 Auto-Commentary

David Webb (Eng) claims the lead, 1-0 +369. Vincent Boyle (Sco) is +207. Tariq Pervez (PAK) is +182. Cecil Muscat (MLT) is +171. Terry Kang Rau (USA) is +158. Prashanth Seetharam (IND) is +154. Elie Dangoor (Eng) is +145. Oliver Jenner-O'Shea (AUS) is +124. Tony Sim (SGP) is +115. Philips Lukeman Owolabi (IRL) is +86.

In Class B: Tariq Pervez (PAK) is in the lead, 1-0 +182. Cecil Muscat (MLT) is +171. Terry Kang Rau (USA) is +158. Oliver Jenner-O'Shea (AUS) is +124. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT) is +25. Naomi Landau (ISR) is 1 game behind at 0-1 -7. Moira Fenech (MLT) is -8. Kevin Synnott (IRL) is -23. Matthew Pinner (Eng) is -46.

High Win: David Webb (Eng) 584-215 vs. Albert Zammit (MLT). Low Win: Theresa Brousson (MLT) 391-383 vs. Moira Fenech (MLT). High Loss: Naomi Landau (ISR) 428-435 vs. Lyres Freeth (NZL). Low Loss: Albert Zammit (MLT) 215-584 vs. David Webb (Eng).

The 11th MISO is underway, with 38 players in Division A and 44 players in Division B, the second-highest attendance in the history of the event. This includes 8 dedicated players who have never missed a MISO, another 13 who have only missed one (see list), and 32 who are attending their first MISO this year. 17 countries are represented: Australia, Canada, England, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and United States. Welcome to all.

At the end of a game this round, Joe Caruana (MLT) and Bryan Priest (MLT) reported that a G tile was missing from their game, even though they were sure that 100 tiles had been squared off at the start. Flashing back with PTSD-like shudders to an infamous incident at the 2011 World Scrabble Championship, I prepared to conduct a thorough search. Thankfully, one of the players located the missing tile, which had become stuck to a sticky piece of paper and ended up in the trash. The outcome of the game was apparently not affected.

Rules quiz: Player N challenges Player S's outplay, but enters the wrong one of two words formed in that play. Are they entitled to a re-adjudication?

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