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11th Malta International Scrabble Open Main Event: April 29 - May 1, 2018

Prize Table

1Division A Rank: 1st€715 and inscribed plateRichards, Alastair (A1/NZL) 19-6 +1694
2Division A Rank: 2nd€325 and inscribed plateJayaraman, Goutham (A6/IND) 17.5-7.5 +832
3Division A Rank: 3rd€130 and inscribed plateWebb, David (A2/Eng) 16-9 +999
4Division A Rating Rank: 1st€98 and certificateO'Rourke, Nuala (A26/NIr) 15-10 +544
5Division A Rating Rank: 2nd€33 and certificateMuscat, Cecil (A27/MLT) 15-10 +334
6Division B Rank: 1st€385 and inscribed plateCilia, Pauline (B19/MLT) 17.5-7.5 +399
7Division B Rank: 2nd€175 and inscribed plateRichards, Paul (B1/AUS) 17-8 +967
8Division B Rank: 3rd€70 and inscribed plateMayo, Josephine (B4/MLT) 17-8 +881
9Division B Rating Rank: 1st€53 and certificateSiddiqui, Sumbul (B33/Eng) 15-10 +839
10Division B Rating Rank: 2nd€18 and certificateKuroda, Kunihiko (B32/JPN) 15-10 +300

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