2015 Malta International Scrabble Open: One-Day

May 1, 2015

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Commentary: Round 8

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Division A Round 8 Auto-Commentary

Theresa Brousson (MLT) stays in the lead for the 5th consecutive round, 8-0 +652, on an 8-game winning streak. Austin Shin (Eng) is 2 games behind at 6-2 +695, on a 4-game winning streak, remaining steady at #2 for 3 rounds. Bob Violett (Eng) is 3 games behind the leader at 5-3 -149, steady at #3.

High Win: John Barker (AUS) 504-359 vs. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT). Low Win: Ray Tate (Sco) 415-414 vs. David Delicata (MLT). High Loss: David Delicata (MLT) 414-415 vs. Ray Tate (Sco). Low Loss: Pauline Russell (IRL) 358-433 vs. Simon Gillam (Sco).

The first director's call of the day was a clear application of rule 3.9.8 "Late-Game Underdrawing", case (b): "If the underdraw is discovered before the player completes his or her next turn, the opponent chooses and gives to the player the appropriate number of tiles from his or her rack."

Theresa Brousson (MLT) was sure that when she won she would be gibsonized. I imagine she's a little surprised to be playing 2nd-place Austin Shin (Eng), who has been Gibsonized into second place on the strength of his 844-point lead over Bob Violett (Eng).

The situation in B was quite the opposite, with Eileen Meghen (IRL), Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) and Paul Mifsud (MLT) all on 7-1, ahead by 1½ games of Mario Seychell (MLT).

Division B Round 8 Auto-Commentary

Eileen Meghen (IRL) claims the lead, 7-1 +701, on a 3-game winning streak. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) is +552, on a 4-game winning streak, #2 rising from #3. Paul Mifsud (MLT) is +423, #3 sliding from #1. Mario Seychell (MLT) is 1.5 games behind at 5.5-2.5 +317, on a 3-game winning streak, #4 up from #6. Josephine Mayo (MLT) is 2 games behind the leader at 5-3 +427, on a 3-game losing streak, #5 dropping from #4. Anne Creaven (IRL) is +415, #6 up from #7. Anna Borg (MLT) is +321, on a 4-game winning streak, #7 rising from #9. Dominic Borg (MLT) is +225, hovering at #8. Mary Morgan (IRL) is +144, #9 down from #5.

High Win: Alfred Xuereb (MLT) 458-320 vs. Joe Caruana (MLT). Low Win: Mary Doyle (IRL) 348-247 vs. Marlene Calleja (MLT). High Loss: Albert Zammit (MLT) 395-398 vs. Kevin Pirotta (MLT). Low Loss: Marlene Calleja (MLT) 247-348 vs. Mary Doyle (IRL).

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