2015 Malta International Scrabble Open: One-Day

May 1, 2015

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Commentary: Round 5

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Division A Round 5 Auto-Commentary

Theresa Brousson (MLT) stays in the lead, 5-0 +365, on a 5-game winning streak. Mario Saliba (MLT) is 1 game behind at 4-1 +187, remaining steady at #2. Kevin Synnott (Eng) is +167, on a 4-game winning streak, remaining steady at #3. Austin Shin (Eng) is 2 games behind the leader at 3-2 +222, #4 improving from #5. Vincent Boyle (Sco) is +82, #5 rising from #7. Bob Violett (Eng) is -161, #6 up from #10.

High Win: Theresa Brousson (MLT) 538-445 vs. Simon Gillam (Sco). Low Win: Bob Violett (Eng) 389-366 vs. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT). High Loss: Simon Gillam (Sco) 445-538 vs. Theresa Brousson (MLT). Low Loss: Ray Tate (Sco) 340-442 vs. Vincent Boyle (Sco).

We started five minutes late, with all but one player arriving within five minutes of that, due to a tight lunch schedule and some leisurely Round 4 postgame analyses.

The best part of the event so far really ought to be the view from the playing room of the point where some believe that St. Paul was shipwrecked. I think the nonstop availability of tea, coffee, water, cake and cookies has to run a close second.

Division B Round 5 Auto-Commentary

Josephine Mayo (MLT) stays in the lead, 5-0 +571, on a 5-game winning streak. Paul Mifsud (MLT) is +421, on a 5-game winning streak, #2 climbing from #3. Eileen Meghen (IRL) is 1 game behind at 4-1 +430, #3 falling from #2. Dominic Borg (MLT) is +408, #4 up from #5. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) is +260, #5 up from #6. Albert Zammit (MLT) is 1.5 games behind the leader at 3.5-1.5 -4, #6 down from #4.

High Wins: Dominic Borg (MLT) 445-330 vs. Kevin Pirotta (MLT); Mary Morgan (IRL) 445-319 vs. Reno Zammit (MLT). Low Wins: Josephine Mayo (MLT) 361-269 vs. Albert Zammit (MLT); Ruth Turner (Eng) 361-249 vs. Marlene Calleja (MLT). High Loss: Mary Doyle (IRL) 376-417 vs. George Khamis (AUS). Low Loss: Marlene Calleja (MLT) 249-361 vs. Ruth Turner (Eng).

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