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TRUE AMath Championship 2017 Commentary: Round 1

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Round 1 Auto-Commentary

Sirinthip Piyasatien (THA) claims the lead, 1-0 +350. Piriyapon Wangplub (THA) is +338. Phisit Kantawat (THA) is +323. Monthon Samakkabut (THA) is +300. Authawich Narissayaporn (THA) is +294. Thanchanok Chanklay (THA) is +241. Tepparit Muensri (THA) is +232. Chirakit Tannimit (THA) is +222. Kriangkrai Sarawit (THA) is +216. Kantapon Decharoensri (THA) is +213.

High Win: Sirinthip Piyasatien (THA) 638-60 vs. Sawitri Sriboon (THA). Low Win: Sitthiphong Phithakwatthananont (THA) 391-225 vs. Rungsiya Saenubon (THA). High Loss: Panithan Saksupa (THA) 469-580 vs. Peerawit Tanapiched (THA). Low Loss: Sawitri Sriboon (THA) 60-638 vs. Sirinthip Piyasatien (THA).

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