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2015 King's Cup Commentary: Round 1

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Round 1 Auto-Commentary

Alex Tan (MYS) takes the lead, 1-0 +296. Nigel Richards (NZL) is +257. Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA) is +192. Winter Zxqkj (USA) is +192. Helen Gipson (Sco) is +171. Odette Carmina Rio (PHL) is +166. Tony Sim (SGP) is +164. Zhi Yuan Wong (SGP) is +163. Manop Phiphatboonserm (THA) is +153. Pichai Limprasert (THA) is +152.

In Class B: Winter Zxqkj (USA) is the lead, 1-0 +192. Tony Sim (SGP) is +164. Manop Phiphatboonserm (THA) is +153. Marlon Prudencio (SGP) is +136. Ricky Purnomo (SGP) is +123. Goutham Jayaraman (SGP) is +100. Wanchana Jirapitikul (THA) is +100. Rafal Dominiczak (POL) is +96.

In Class C: Alex Tan (MYS) is the lead, 1-0 +296. Zhi Yuan Wong (SGP) is +163. Martin Teo (MYS) is +142. Jin Chor Tan (MYS) is +137. Thitipol Barameemuang (THA) is +92. Sanjoy Gupta (IND) is +68. Ferdinand Lucas (PHL) is +54. Jason Broersma (CAN) is +38.

In Class D: Kunihiko Kuroda (JPN) is the lead, 0-1 -6. Paul Richards (AUS) is -68. Shafique Ahmed (BGD) is -96. Visarut Ariyakajorn (THA) is -100. Isao Takemura (JPN) is -100. Olga Visser (AUS) is -107.

High Win: Helen Gipson (Sco) 587-416 vs. Sue Tremblay (CAN). Low Win: Rodney Talbot (AUS) 379-373 vs. Kunihiko Kuroda (JPN). High Loss: Karen Richards (AUS) 436-486 vs. Weibin Toh (SGP). Low Loss: Aiwa Pooamorn (THA) 242-538 vs. Alex Tan (MYS).

We began play a few minutes ahead of the announced 11:30 start, when enough players were present that we could finalize the pairings. The most evident changes this year are the new venue (Central Plaza Chaengwattana, part of the same chain as last year), and the use of more modern and reliable clocks developed specially by the Thai Crossword Association.

An aside for players who asked how to adjust time controls on clocks that had been used previously with the default 22-minute settings: make sure that the slider switch is in the far right position for Crossword Game, turn on the clock by pressing the power switch (or tap it three times to turn it off, then once more to turn it on), press the clock adjust button once to make one of the digits flash, again each time you want to advance to the next digit, use the +/- keys to change the flashing digit, and press the play/pause button when you're done.

As usual, we break for lunch after this round to rearrange equipment based on which players arrived, or are still expected to arrive. Play resumes at 13:15.

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