2017 Malta International Scrabble Open: Late Bird

May 3–4, 2017

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Commentary: Round 1

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Division B Round 1 Auto-Commentary

Jamie Jones (Eng) seizes the lead, 1-0 +201. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) is +195. Phyllis de Castro (ISR) is +121. Joe Caruana (MLT) is +115. Anna Borg (MLT) is +62. Rose Kingdom (Eng) is +26. Sharon Peress (ISR) is +25. Alfred Xuereb (MLT) is +12. Paul Steadman (Eng) is +9.

In Class B: Jamie Jones (Eng) is in the lead, 1-0 +201. Phyllis de Castro (ISR) is +121. Joe Caruana (MLT) is +115. Anna Borg (MLT) is +62. Rose Kingdom (Eng) is +26.

High Win: Jamie Jones (Eng) 505-304 vs. John Barker (AUS). Low Win: Alfred Xuereb (MLT) 334-322 vs. Albert Zammit (MLT). High Loss: Dominic Borg (MLT) 419-444 vs. Sharon Peress (ISR). Low Loss: Marion Loewenstein (ISR) 235-430 vs. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL).

Division A Round 1 Auto-Commentary

Cecil Muscat (MLT) claims the lead, 1-0 +222. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT) is +184. Kevin Synnott (Eng) is +96. Stefan Rau (USA) is +95. Steve Perry (Eng) is +89. Ruth MacInerney (Eng) is +55. Theresa Brousson (MLT) is +54. Paul Richards (AUS) is +50. Terry Kang Rau (USA) is +6.

In Class B: Cecil Muscat (MLT) is in the lead, 1-0 +222. Ruth MacInerney (Eng) is +55. Paul Richards (AUS) is +50. Karen Richards (AUS) is 1 game behind at 0-1 -6.

High Win: Cecil Muscat (MLT) 551-329 vs. Debbe Hossy (ZAF). Low Win: Steve Perry (Eng) 378-289 vs. Bob Violett (Eng). High Loss: Kunihiko Kuroda (JPN) 414-468 vs. Theresa Brousson (MLT). Low Loss: Josephine Mayo (MLT) 275-459 vs. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT).

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