2015 Malta International Scrabble Open: Supplement

May 6–74, 2015

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Commentary: Round 2

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Round 2 Auto-Commentary

Austin Shin (Eng) stays in the lead, 2-0 +460. Mary Doyle (IRL) is +315, #2 rising from #8. Theresa Brousson (MLT) is +246, #3 sliding from #2. John Barker (AUS) is +226, #4 up from #5. Jayne Mackenzie (NIr) is +193, #5 improving from #6. Mario Saliba (MLT) is +160, #6 down from #4. Cecil Muscat (MLT) is +119, #7 up from #9. Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT) is 1 game behind at 1-1 +239, #8 climbing from #14. Joe Caruana (MLT) is +115, #9 tumbling from #3. John Hamilton (AUS) is +67, #10 hurtling up from #21.

In Class B: Mary Doyle (IRL) is the lead, 2-0 +315. Joe Caruana (MLT) is 1 game behind at 1-1 +115, #9 jumping down from #3. Eileen Meghen (IRL) is +22, #12 jumping down from #7. Brid Ni Bhriain (IRL) is -5, #13 up from #20. Josephine Mayo (MLT) is -90, #16 rising from #23. Bryan Priest (Eng) is -193, #17 jumping down from #11.

High Win: Austin Shin (Eng) 640-392 vs. Nancy Alroy (ISR). Low Win: Mario Saliba (MLT) 367-332 vs. Ray Tate (Sco). High Loss: Nancy Alroy (ISR) 392-640 vs. Austin Shin (Eng). Low Loss: Mary Morgan (IRL) 298-377 vs. Cecil Muscat (MLT).

Partway through Nicky Vella-Laurenti (MLT) and Albert Zammit's (MLT) game, they ended up pressing the middle button on their mini-SamTimer twice, and the clock reset itself. I confirmed that the device was misconfigured to do so, but found that (unlike with other manuals) Sam Kantimathi does not offer the manual for this model online.

Albert got out his pocket SamTimer, and we checked the manual to see how to set the time to a specific value. The manual does not describe how to do so, but fortunately, George Khamis (AUS) was able to tell us that OP-2 mode lets you adjust times (unlike OP-1). (Press the centre bottom button five times to get into mode selection mode.)

I was subsequently able to get the original mini-SamTimer to revert to correct behaviour, by turning it off, holding down the two end buttons while tapping the middle button, then selecting SCR-1 mode. (I do not know which mode it was in before.)

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