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2008 Big Apple Scrabble Tournament


1Division A Rank: 1st$700 and trophyDay, Jesse (A11) 11-4 +856
2Division A Rank: 2nd$350 and trophyRau, Stefan (A8) 11-4 +806
3Division A Rank: 3rd$250 and trophyFukawa-Connelly, Kate (A13) 11-4 +6
4Division A Rank: 4th$175Berofsky, Evan (A12) 10-5 +465
5Division A Rank: 5th$100Viloria, John (A16) 10-5 +464
6High Food WordBig Apple SamBoardKate Fukawa-Connelly, ALBICORE (158)
7Division B Rank: 1st$400 and trophyPopper, Richard (B9) 12-3 +585
8Division B Rank: 2nd$200 and trophyWertheimer, Phil (B8) 11-4 +1007
9Division B Rank: 3rd$100 and trophySchoenbrun, Ben (B18) 11-4 +273
10Division B Rank: 4th$75Horn, Judy (B5) 9.5-5.5 -27
11High Food WordBig Apple SamBoardJackie Wong, STARVED (94)
12Division C Rank: 1st$400 and trophyTinkelman, Daniel (C24) 11-4 +955
13Division C Rank: 2nd$200 and trophyJohnson, Eileen (C44) 11-4 +400
14Division C Rank: 3rd$100 and trophyPitzer, Wilma (C5) 10-5 +818
15Division C Rank: 4th$75Kidd, Danny (C20) 10-5 +735
16Division C Rank: 44thLetteratiShapiro, Ida Ann (C37) 3-12 -1302
17High Food WordBig Apple SamBoardWoody Chen, TAVERNS (90)
18Division D Rank: 1st$200 and trophyTownsend, Adam (D3) 12-3 +336
19Division D Rank: 2nd$100 and trophyCurley, James (D6) 11-4 +1165
20Division D Rank: 3rd$75 and trophyScholz, Debbie (D2) 10.5-4.5 +425
21Division D Rank: 22ndLetteratiRivers, Susie (D20) 1-14 -2388
22High Food WordBig Apple SamBoardSuzette Rodriguez, GYOZAS (90)

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