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2008 Big Apple SCRABBLE® Showdown

Round 12 Ranked Pairings

BoardWho Plays Whom
1Cappelletto, Brian (01) vs. Sherman, Joel (02) 3rd time
2Thevenot, Geoff (06) vs. Avrin, Paul (18) 2nd time
3Graham, Matt (03) vs. Katz-Brown, Jason (04) 3rd time
4Appel, Scott (10) vs. Kantimathi, Sam (12) 2nd time
5OLaughlin, John (09) vs. Cree, Chris (11) 2nd time
6Edley, Joe (08) vs. Goldstein, Eric (17) 2nd time
7Wiegand, Dave (07) vs. Koenig, David (15) 2nd time
8Zxqkj, Winter (16) vs. Johnson, David (20) 2nd time
9Daniel, Robin Pollock (05) vs. Linn, Robert (13) 2nd time
10Cushman, Lynn (14) vs. Berg, Verna Richards (19) 2nd time

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