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12th Malta International Scrabble Open Main Event: April 27-29, 2019

Prize Table

1Open Division Winner€1000 and inscribed plateBoyle, Vincent (A9/Sco) 20-5 +784
2Open Division Runner-Up€441 and inscribed plateBrousson, Theresa (A3/MLT) 18-7 +1198
3Open Division Third Place€188 and inscribed plateSim, Tony (A5/SGP) 16-9 +1049
4Open Division Fourth Place€103 and certificateJack, Mpakaboari (A14/NGA) 16-9 +709
5Open Division 1st Rating Prize€75 and certificateFenech, Moira (A25/MLT) 15-10 -51
6Open Division 2nd Rating Prize€45 and certificateKamara, Mohamed (A16/SLE) 14-11 +880
7Open Division 3rd Rating Prize€24 and certificateO'Rourke, Nuala (A18/NIr) 13.5-11.5 -96
8B Division Winner€338 and inscribed plateBarker, John (B1/AUS) 22-3 +1306
9B Division Runner-Up€147 and inscribed plateMayo, Josephine (B2/MLT) 21-4 +1436
10B Division Third Place€81 and inscribed plateMifsud, Paul (B8/MLT) 18-7 +1615
11B Division 1st Rating Prize€38 and certificateDeCastro, Phyllis (B20/ISR) 15-10 +310
12B Division 2nd Rating Prize€22 and certificateBorg, Dominic (B14/MLT) 15-10 +298

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