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2018 Cape Town International Scrabble Tournament

Prize Table

1Gold Category: 1stZAR 70,000 and Trophy donated by Gerald DavidsOwolabi, Philips Lukeman (#1/NGA) 36-6 +4177
2Gold Category: 2ndZAR 40,000 and TrophyMpundu, Patrick Mulemena (#8/ZMB) 33-9 +1877
4Gold Category: 3rdZAR 20,000 and TrophyHovelmeier, Trevor (#3/ZAF) 31-11 +4326
7Gold Category: 4thZAR 10,000Alli, Oyebola (#4/NGA) 29-13 +1942
10Gold Category: 5thZAR 5,000Jack, Mpakaboari (#6/NGA) 28-14 +878
3Silver Category: 1stZAR 25,000 and TrophyMwape, Isaac (#9/ZMB) 29-13 +756
5Silver Category: 2ndZAR 15,000 and Trophy donated by Ata SondayLandau, Naomi (#15/ISR) 26-16 +1674
9Silver Category: 3rdZAR 5,000 and TrophyRichards, Karen (#13/AUS) 26-16 +1217
6Bronze Category: 1stZAR 10,000 and TrophyChitambala, Frank (#35/ZMB) 24-18 +831
8Bronze Category: 2ndZAR 5,000 and TrophyRea, Gwen (#27/ZAF) 24-18 +381
11Bronze Category: 3rdZAR 3,000 and TrophyIrungu, Wamucii (#30/KEN) 23-19 +82
12Gold Category Highest GameTrophyRound 36. Owolabi, Philips Lukeman (#1/NGA) 658-300 vs. Keet, Duncan (#23/ZAF)
13Silver Category Highest GameTrophyRound 33. Chansa, Justin (#22/ZMB) 624-266 vs. Jacobs, Amien (#42/ZAF)
14Bronze Category Highest GameTrophyRound 38. Chitambala, Frank (#35/ZMB) 577-353 vs. Le Bron, Denise (#7/ZAF)
15Gold Category Highest BonusTrophyTrevor Hovelmeier, RENEWERS (190) vs. Jarrod Page
16Silver Category Highest BonusTrophyHoward Rayner, RAMPAGER (199) vs. Naomi Landau
17Bronze Category Highest BonusTrophyAta Sonday, UNCARVED (181) vs. Andrew Goldberg
18Highest Non-BonusTrophyRajen Pillay, FIQH (99) vs. Karen Richards
19Highest Rank GainTrophyChitambala, Frank (#35/ZMB) 24-18 +831 (seed 35 overall rank 17)
20Rank: 40thWord book donated by Debbe HossyJacobs, Amien (#42/ZAF) 7-35 -4969
21Rank: 41stWord book donated by Debbe HossyPetersen, Cecil (#40/ZAF) 6.5-35.5 -4718
22Rank: 42ndWord book donated by Debbe HossyRobinson, Peter (#41/ZAF) 5-37 -4675

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