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Nairobi International Open 2017: Bernard Koyyoko [#102]

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On this page, you will find information about Bernard Koyyoko, who is competing at the Nairobi International Open 2017. This page was updated at least hourly between 09:00 A.M. and midnight local time. This player currently has a record of 7-1, +508, and is ranked #3.

Lower on this page, you can find brief self-reported biographical details of the player, statistics on the player’s past several years of rated tournament play in North America, a graphic showing the player’s ups and downs at this tournament, and a round-by-round report on the player’s opponents and games.

Background Information

[photo of Bernard Koyyoko]

Given name(s): Bernard
Surname(s): Koyyoko
Home: Kenya
NIO 2017 Team: Kenya

Round by Round

High score: 482
Average for: 428
Average against: 365

Round 1

[no photo available]


Koyyoko played #103 Sydney Kalema (KEN) and won 482 to 310 (a spread of 172).

Current ranking: #7.

Current record: 1-0, +172.

Koyyoko is mentioned in this round’s commentary (1 hit).

Round 2

[photo of Nsikak Solomon Etim]


Koyyoko played #106 Nsikak Solomon Etim (NGA) and lost 353 to 493 (a spread of -140).

Current ranking: #41.

Current record: 1-1, +32.

Round 3

[photo of Sanath Hemachandra]


Koyyoko played #58 Sanath Hemachandra (OMN) and won 418 to 356 (a spread of 62).

Current ranking: #30.

Current record: 2-1, +94.

Round 4

[photo of Cyril Umebiye]


Koyyoko played #84 Cyril Umebiye (NGA) and won 433 to 411 (a spread of 22).

Current ranking: #26.

Current record: 3-1, +116.

Round 5

[no photo available]


Koyyoko played #69 Andrew Goodwin (Eng) and won 435 to 359 (a spread of 76).

Current ranking: #14.

Current record: 4-1, +192.

Round 6

[no photo available]


Koyyoko played #11 Malek Sherif (LBR) and won 451 to 300 (a spread of 151).

Current ranking: #8.

Current record: 5-1, +343.

Koyyoko is mentioned in this round’s commentary (1 hit).

Round 7

[no photo available]


Koyyoko played #23 Charles Kimani (KEN) and won 396 to 299 (a spread of 97).

Current ranking: #6.

Current record: 6-1, +440.

Koyyoko is mentioned in this round’s commentary (1 hit).

Round 8

[photo of Wellington Jighere]


Koyyoko played #77 Wellington Jighere (NGA) and won 456 to 388 (a spread of 68).

Current ranking: #3.

Current record: 7-1, +508.

Koyyoko is mentioned in this round’s commentary (1 hit).