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Prize Table

1Rank: 1stEUR 50Gipson, Helen (#1) 4-1 +258
2Rank: 2ndEUR 30Lipe, Chris (#4) 4-1 +239
3Rank: 3rdEUR 20Warner, Howard (#3) 3-2 +296
4Round 1 High LossNASPA tilesTheresa Brousson
5Round 1 Low LossNASPA bagKevin Synnott
6Round 2 Low Spreadtilefish rackChris Lipe
7Round 2 Closest to 375Canadian maple syrupCecil Muscat
8Round 3 Highest K wordtilefish rackHelen Gipson, 38
9Round 3 Highest first moveNASPA rackHoward Warner
10Round 4 Highest Q movepencilsChris Lipe
11Round 5 Highest nonbingopencilsNuala O'Rourke
12Round 5 Low V playpencilsTheresa Brousson

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