The 2013 Scrabble Champions Tournament (Open 1)

December 4–6, 2013

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SCTI 2013 Open 1 Players: Alphabetical Listing

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  • Nancy Alroy (ISR)
  • Gboye Balogun (IRL)
  • John Barker (AUS)
  • Cicely Bruce (NZL)
  • Sue-Ellen Cooper (AUS)
  • Michael Donegan (USA)
  • Mary Doyle (IRL)
  • Matte Dunn (AUS)
  • Rick Fawns (NOR)
  • Andrew Golding (CAN)
  • Lewis Hawkins (NZL)
  • Russell Honeybun (AUS)
  • Nicky Huitson (Eng)
  • Elisabeth Jardine (Eng)
  • Jeffrey Kershaw (Eng)
  • Ewa Kondracka (POL)
  • Adam Kretschmer (AUS)
  • Naomi Landau (ISR)
  • Robert Linn (USA)
  • Ruth MacInerney (Eng)
  • Maliha Mahmood (USA)
  • Jesse Matthews (CAN)
  • Jean McArthur (USA)
  • Eileen Meghen (IRL)
  • Pam Morris (AUT)
  • Prithwiraj Mukherjee (IND)
  • Cecil Muscat (MLT)
  • Philip Nelkon (Eng)
  • Mark Nyman (Eng)
  • Sanmi Odelana (Eng)
  • Tariq Pervez (PAK)
  • Ying Ming Poh (SGP)
  • Karen Richards (AUS)
  • Beverley Robertshaw (Eng)
  • Omri Rosenkrantz (ISR)
  • Tony Sim (SGP)
  • Sandie Simonis (Eng)
  • Evan Simpson (Eng)
  • Sharon Sorensen (AUS)
  • Paul Spies (ZAF)
  • Robert Springer (FRA)
  • Margaret Staunton (Eng)
  • Sree Sukumar (Eng)
  • Ray Tate (Sco)
  • Weibin Toh (SGP)
  • Christopher Vicary (Eng)

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