The 2013 Scrabble Champions Tournament (Last Chance Qualifier)

December 3, 2013

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SCTLC 2013: Robert Springer [#20]

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On this page, you will find information about Robert Springer, who is competing at the 2013 Scrabble Champions Tournament: Last Chance Qualifier. This page was updated at least hourly between 09:00 A.M. and midnight local time. This player currently has a record of 3-5, -645, and is ranked #35.

Lower on this page, you can find brief self-reported biographical details of the player, statistics on the player’s past several years of rated tournament play in North America, a graphic showing the player’s ups and downs at this tournament, and a round-by-round report on the player’s opponents and games.

Background Information

[photo of Robert Springer]

Given name(s): Robert
Surname(s): Springer
Home: France
Hobbies: tennis, cycling, guitar, blues
SCTLC 2013 Team: France

Round by Round

High score: 379
Average for: 333
Average against: 413

Round 1

[no photo available]


Springer played #34 Ewa Kondracka (POL) and won 374 to 357 (a spread of 17).

Current ranking: #15.

Current record: 1-0, +17.

Round 2

[photo of Jesse Matthews]


Springer played #22 Jesse Matthews (CAN) and lost 314 to 464 (a spread of -150).

Current ranking: #28.

Current record: 1-1, -133.

Round 3

[no photo available]


Springer played #15 Rick Fawns (NOR) and lost 340 to 468 (a spread of -128).

Current ranking: #34.

Current record: 1-2, -261.

Round 4

[photo of Sandy Nang]

United States

Springer played #27 Sandy Nang (USA) and lost 289 to 383 (a spread of -94).

Current ranking: #37.

Current record: 1-3, -355.

Round 5

[no photo available]


Springer played #11 Beverley Robertshaw (Eng) and lost 310 to 463 (a spread of -153).

Current ranking: #38.

Current record: 1-4, -508.

Round 6

[no photo available]


Springer played #32 Sree Sukumar (Eng) and won 379 to 364 (a spread of 15).

Current ranking: #37.

Current record: 2-4, -493.

Round 7

[no photo available]


Springer played #2 Sue-Ellen Cooper (AUS) and won 376 to 367 (a spread of 9).

Current ranking: #31.

Current record: 3-4, -484.

Round 8

[no photo available]

New Zealand

Springer played #40 Lewis Hawkins (NZL) and lost 280 to 441 (a spread of -161).

Current ranking: #35.

Current record: 3-5, -645.

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